How to start using the G4S Client portal?

Published - 20.04.2012

The Client portal users can become all G4S Latvia Clients with a valid service Contract and their authorized persons.

The User is a Private individual.

The Client of G4S Latvia is a Private individual or a legal entity, who has concluded at least one service Contract with G4S Latvia.

In order to become the user of the Client portal, a person must fill out a Registration application and get familiarized with the portal usage terms.

The registration application is filled out by the person, who concludes the service contract with G4S Latvia, or by his authorized person.

Registration applications are processed on workdays, from 9 AM to 6 PM.

In order to ensure the protection of the client data, the employee of G4S Latvia will get in touch with the corresponding client, requesting an authorization of the User access to the data from the Client portal.

After the User has been identified, the activities at the Client portal are to be initiated in one of the following ways:

·         The User enters the correct Access data and registers at, the internet home page of G4S Latvia;

·         The User utilizes the link for authorization in the Internet bank, which grants access to the Client portal by using an Internet bank authorization, and which is available at, the Internet home page of G4S Latvia. In this case, the portal requires no input of the User name and password.

The Access parameters and the identification parameters, which are defined by the identification procedure of the corresponding bank, are confidential.