The rules of using customers portal

Published - 18.04.2012

1. The terms used in the regulations

1.1. Client portal - the G4S Latvia service management system, which is established at , the internet home page of G4S Latvia, and which ensures the internet access of clients to the services rendered by G4S Latvia.

1.2. User - the client of G4S Latvia (a physical person or a legal entity), who has concluded at least one service contract with G4S Latvia.

1.3. Access parameters - The unique combination of access parameters, which has been selected by the User.

1.4. Graphical security code - the numeric and/or alphabetic code on the code card, which is during the login to the Client portal from the internet home page of G4S Latvia.

1.5. User password - a password selected by the User, which is used in order to login to the Client portal.

2. General provisions

2.1. These Regulations define the order, in which G4S Latvia provides the User with internet access to the services rendered by G4S Latvia.

2.2. In order to become the user of the Client portal, a person must fill out a registration application and get familiarized with the portal usage directions. The registration application is filled out by the person, who concludes the service contract with G4S Latvia, or by his authorized person. Registration applications are processed on workdays, 9AM to 6 PM.

2.3. In order to ensure the protection of client data, the employee of G4S Latvia will get in touch with the corresponding client, requesting an authorization of the User access to the data from the Client portal.

2.4. After the User has been authenticated, the activities at the Client portal are to be initiated in one of the following ways:

2.4.1. The User inputs the correct Access parameters and registers at, the internet home page of G4S Latvia;

2.4.2. The User utilizes the link for authorization in the internet bank, which grants access to the Client portal by using an internet bank authorization, and which is available at, the internet home page of G4S Latvia.

2.5. In case the User has a registered code card, the User is to input any of the access codes on the card after inputting the correct Access parameters. In case the code has been input incorrectly, there will be a request to input the same code. If the User has indicated the Access parameters or the code incorrectly for several times, the User's account is blocked.

2.6. The Client portal is accessible in internet on a 24-hour basis. Short-term outages in the work of the Client portal, which are related to works on the maintenance, servicing and improvement of the Client portal, as well as of the systems related thereto, are allowable.

3. Access parameters and the User identification

3.1. In order to work with the Client portal, the User utilizes the following Access parameters: physical persons - name, surname, legal entities - name (company), User password, graphical security code, as well as e-mail address.

3.2. In case defined by Paragraph 2.4.2 of the Regulations, the identification of the User takes place in compliance with the identification procedure defined by the corresponding bank, comparing the identification parameters received from the bank with the data registered in the G4S Latvia system. In this case, the portal requires no input of the User name and password.

3.3. The Access parameters and (in case defined by Paragraph 2.4.2. of the Regulations) the identification and access parameters, which are defined by the identification procedure of the corresponding bank, are confidential.

4. The liabilities and responsibility of the User

4.1. The User undertakes:

4.1.1. to observe the Regulations and to ensure, that the persons authorized by the User to use the Client portal, are familiarized with the Regulations and that they observe the Regulations;

4.1.2. to keep confidential information secure, not to disclose it to third parties, to prevent third parties from the opportunities of its discovery, as well as to change the Access parameters at the request of G4S Latvia;

4.1.3. if confidential information has become known to a third party, the User immediately informs G4S Latvia thereof in writing or by phone;

4.1.4.not to disclose his identification data at the portal to anyone;

4.1.5. not to use the login parameters of third parties;

4.1.6. to provide the timely and precise information, which is required for the fulfillment of these Regulations, including the provision of his precise e-mail address.

4.2. The User is responsible for all activities, which are performed, using his Access parameters, as well as any other identification parameters assigned by the authorized persons of G4S Latvia or by internet banks.

5. The liabilities, rights and responsibility of G4S Latvia

5.1. G4S Latvia undertakes:

5.1.1. to identify the User in compliance with the Regulations;

5.1.2. to provide the G4S Latvia services, which are available at the Client portal, to the User, in compliance with the Regulations.  The G4S Latvia services are provided in compliance with the contracts and their provisions. Their copies can be acquired on demand;

5.1.3. to provide confidentiality for the information on the User. Confidential information may only be disclosed to the third parties in the cases envisaged by the valid normative acts of the Republic of Latvia, or with assent of the User.

5.2. G4S Latvia has the rights:

5.2.1. to accumulate and process data on the following information, which has been acquired within the framework of the Client portal: personal data, the IP address assigned to the User's device (computer), as well as other information, which has been transferred to G4S Latvia within the framework of the Client portal; add/edit/delete/turn on/turn off/unblock the User's account; add/change the data of the User's code card, importing the card data in CSV format. The code card codes and passwords are salted and hashed in the database;

5.2.4. to change the User's password in case it has been forgotten, or if the account is blocked after unsuccessful login attempts;

5.2.5. to review the User's activity log.

5.3. G4S Latvia bears no responsibility for the flaws or interferences in the activity of the Client portal, if they are caused by the flaws or activity interferences of the User equipment, the configuration or load of the User's e-mail, the usage of unsuitable or unlicensed equipment or software, power failure or non-conformity of the User's computer to the usage conditions of the Client portal.

5.4. G4S Latvia bears no responsibility for consequences, in case the person, who has not been authorized by the User, logins to the Client portal, using the Access parameters of the User.

5.5. G4S Latvia bears no responsibility for the losses incurred to the User, including, but not limited to, during the improvement or routine maintenance of the G4S Latvia network and the Client portal.

6. The interruption in service provision at the Client portal

6.1. G4S Latvia interrupts the provision of services, which are offered at the Client portal, to the User:

6.1.1. if G4S Latvia has interrupted the provision of services to the User in accordance with the procedure defined by the corresponding service contract;

6.1.2. if G4S Latvia has substantiated concern about the illegal usage of the Client portal on the part of the User;

6.1.3. if the User violates these Regulations.

7. Other provisions

7.1. These Regulations come into force upon the beginning of usage of the Client portal, and they are valid for as long as the User is a client of G4S Latvia. The usage of the Client portal is considered as a confirmation of the fact, that the User has familiarized himself with these Regulations, the Amendments to the regulations, which are announced by G4S Latvia, as well as with other changes in relation to the provided services, and that he agrees thereto.

7.2. The User agrees, that the Regulations are approved, and that the User's orders, which are issued pursuant to the Regulations, are submitted and processed electronically. The electronic document, which has been approved by the User, is considered a written document, which the User has signed in person, within the meaning of the Civil law.

7.3. G4S Latvia has the rights to change the order, in which the services at the Client portal are provided, the amount of services and information, which is accessible to the User, as well as the functional and visual solution of the Client portal, without prior notification thereof to the User. G4S Latvia bears no responsibility for the losses, which have been incurred or which might be incurred to the User after these changes.

7.4. G4S Latvia bears no responsibility for the losses incurred to the User, in case a third party logins to and/or uses the Client portal, using the Access parameters of the User.

7.5. It is impossible to use the right of surrender for the services, which are offered at the Client portal, as the acquisition of a service begins from the moment the User has given his assent. The User has the rights to terminate the acquisition of a service, or to change it, in accordance with the procedure indicated in the particular service contract.

7.6. By visiting, the internet home page of G4S Latvia, You confirm Your assent, that G4S Latvia bears no responsibility in accordance with the procedure defined by normative acts for any losses (direct, indirect, extraordinary, inadvertent or incurred due to consequences) in relation to the information, which has been published on, the internet home page , or in relation to the usage of the abovementioned link on the internet sites of the third parties.

7.7., the internet home page of G4S Latvia, is protected by author rights. All intellectual property of G4S Latvia (including trademarks, patents and designs) and the brands, which are incorporated in, the internet home page, are the property of G4S Latvia. You may only store the contents of this internet home page site on a computer or in a hard-copy form for Your personal and non-commercial usage. Any republication, transformation or adaptation of information without previous written agreement thereupon with G4S Latvia is not allowed.